January 25/15

sbc_jan-25-15Every day is the same.  Every day is the same.  Every day is the same.

That’s the thing about real life; things don’t always happen.  There’s not always a clear cut conclusion.  Things just keep rolling by, sometimes they change, often they don’t.  We are just here to live in the time and soak in what we can.  So let’s not get so stressed out over things we can’t change, and try to enjoy what we have (i need to remember this too).

Ramble over…

January 21/15

sbc_jan-21-15This is kinda how i felt the whole time making these comics.  Winging it, and hoping for the best.  Luckily, i was pleasantly surprised more often than not, but that is not often the case….  Making these comics was a freeing experience and i’m really happy with how they came out.  I still consider them an exercise though, and won’t get all hung up on whether something is funny, or reads properly, or even makes any sense at all.  Only a couple pages left, and then onto something else?…

In other news, i just finished my new (print) mini comic and that’ll be ready for TCAF.  I don’t have a table, but come find me and chat me up and i’ll hook you up with one!  Maybe i’ll post it here too…  Not sure yet…

November 23/14 – Not Feeling So Good….

sbc_nov-23b-14And sometimes when you gotta go…. You gotta go….

On another note, I just finished a moleskine sketchbook that is full of these comics.  Every bloody page!  It doesn’t even look like a sketchbook anymore..  And i did a page count, and i have drawn 80 of these pages since mid-September.  It’s cool to see how it’s progressed since then.  I still have a bunch more to post, and we’ll get there in the coming weeks, but i’m going to slow down on making these, so that i can work on some other projects, and recharge my brain.  It has been a really great exercise to do these, and i know it has strengthened my pen skills, but maybe not my storytelling skills so much…  Don’t worry, i won’t be stopping these comics, I’ve really grown into the characters, and there’s so much that can be expanded on, but maybe just a break.

Look for other things in the coming time, but ya know, we’ll still be posting these comics too!

November 10/14

sbc_nov-10-14Ah shit, jury duty…..

They say that it’s every citizen’s responsibility to participate in this brutal act, but what happens when you already have no faith in the judicial system?….  Spend every waking moment trying to contemplate how to get out of it…..

It’s like a cruel joke.  Someone gets busted for a crime, and then a “jury of their peers” get penalized for it.  I dunno about you, but i don’t get paid time off for attending jury duty.  So, I’m expected to miss work, lose pay, and sit in court all day because someone else committed a crime?  Is this really fair???

Oh wait, it’s just a summons…  I don’t actually need to do anything for another 6 months!  I’ll deal with this later….

November 7/14

sbc_nov-7-14Another day, another work comic, although, today is actually my day off from that particular hell hole…  It’s just that i feel like I’m always there, and sometimes it can be all consuming..  so here’s a comic about daydreaming at work….  Happy Sunday!