It’s Cold Outside…

Last comic i made of 2017.

Lots of things happening.  Lots of things to do.  Stay tooned!


winter blues…..

strip-1i dunno where you are in the world, but it’s bloody cold here and i’m really starting to hate this weather…..  So, here’s a warm up comic i made about it…

November 19/14 – The First Snow…

sbc_nov-19-14Well, i wrote this comic after the first big snowfall in the city.  Seems as soon as the snow hits, everyone becomes an idiot and forgets that this happens every year.  This leads to major panics, car accidents, and severely dramatic news reports…  Every year!!!

Well, i drew this a couple months ago, and today does not feel relevant.  As i look out my window, the sun is out and the snow is gone.  Although, i’m pretty sure if i leave the house, it’s still bloody cold out there…  Alas, it’s still winter, so i guess this comic is kinda relevant.


I dunno how you guys feel about it, but the first sighting of snow is both a beautiful and a depressing feeling…  It looks so magical dancing across the air, so playful.  But then it dawns on you.. The next three months, at least… The cold… The lack of sun…  the dampness…  ughh.. winter… how I loathe thee….  I’m going to miss being social, going to the park, milkshakes, not wearing a jacket, things like that.  When i saw my first snowfall of the season the other day, all these thoughts came rushing at me.  It could be worse though… I could live in Winnipeg, or somewhere that winter is actually an issue.  And i usually find winter to be a great time to be creative (what else are you supposed to do…), so maybe i’ll write a new comic book, or record a short album…  Anything to keep busy, and my mind off of darkness by 5pm…. sigh…

Summer Tip #5

Okay, I wasn’t gonna say anything…  but I have been seeing more and more idiots walking around in the dead of heat with toques (winter caps for all you non-Canadians) on.  I dunno what temperature it is where you are, but it’s been bordering on 40 degrees C with humidity around here, and that’s bloody hot!  It’s quite ridiculous to see people walking around in next to nothing (V neck shirts and short shorts) and a winter hat on!!!  I mean, the temperature of your legs can’t be melting while your head is freezing!   That’s just stupid!  So people, please, stop trying to be so cool, cuz you look confused at best.  Save the toques for Winter, or at least Fall. Come on!