Life Without Parole


Long time no post!

Well I’m happy to report that i have a new collection of comics coming out this spring!  It will be ready for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival or TCAF this May, and I’m really excited to share it with you!  Here’s a little write up:

“Life Without Parole is a collection of comics by illustrator/artist Robb Mirsky. Cumulated from annuals of his out-of-print mini comics, random sketchbook imaginings and comics published elsewhere, Mirsky’s collection makes its debut at TCAF 2018!

The subject matter ranges from bank robberies to baseball games; from dogs with jobs to lemons with attitude. This 76 page riot is sure to have you laughing and cringing, giggling and hollerin’ (often at the same time)!

The book is also one of four new releases from the Read More Comix gang coming this May!”

76 pages

So, I’ll see you at TCAF?!

Read More Comix #3 OUT NOW!


Read More Comix #3 is out!  Well, it’s been out since May, but I haven’t updated this blog in a bit…. so here it is now!  New comics by James Spencer, David Craig and me!

36 pages, full colour, $7.  
If you are interested in buying a copy, either head on over to, or you can shoot me an email at for orders.  Also, if you are in Toronto: The Beguiling, the TCAF shop ‘Page & Panel’, and the Dupe Shop all carry all your Read More Comix needs!

TCAF: I Love You

tcaf01tcaf02tcaf03tcaf04tcaf05tcaf06Here’s a little round up of my TCAF 2016.  If you don’t know this about me, TCAF is like Christmas.  It’s the best time of year because its really great to see others getting as excited over comics as i am.  You can smell the comics in the air!  I wish it was longer, and i wish it didn’t blow by so fast, but there’s always next year….


November 2/14 (again)….

sbc_nov-2b-14So….. I don’t really know what’s going on in this comic…. Maybe it’s an extension of the last page, and the sickness is really messing him up?  Maybe he drank too much cough syrup (again)?….  Maybe he took some MDMA?  Who the fuck knows…. it’s not for us to know…. shit, i just draw the damn thing….

On another note, i did not get into TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) yet again…  (to be specific, at least this year i got on the wait list, but by the time i find out if i got a table from the wait list, i won’t have enough time to make all the things i was planning).   I was planning on collecting these sketchbook comic pages into a big book….  And i was going to make a couple new mini comics for print…. and i was gonna collect my old blog strips and make another book outta them!  A lot of plans i had…. Anyways, since i didn’t get in, all those plans are a bust..  So now i gotta figure out what to do next… I’m not gonna lie.. i feel a little lost right now, but the wounds are still fresh….  So hopefully soon i’ll have a better idea of what the fuck i’m doing with these comics, or other comics, or art in general…..


Bomb Squad…

bomb_squad_FINALHere’s a page from the new book (released last week).  Just a bunch of silly one pagers photocopied and stapled together like all those zines i used to read as a kid.  There’s something about handmade books….  I love me some perfectly bound, glossy books too (i just bought a slew at TCAF this past weekend) but these things conjure up a different place and time in my life.  Zines and mixtapes, those were a more innocent time.  It’s nice to see that DIY culture and zine culture are making a comeback; more people should be in tune with these things.  But it also makes me feel old and nostalgic for a time when these things were fresh and new to me.  Either way, print is on it’s way out and i plan on holding on until the last minute.  I don’t really enjoy reading things on my computer screen.  I like being able to hold my book in my hands, feel the paper, appreciate the printing, and all the hard work and time that went into making said book.  The importance of that will never die for me.

With having said all that, if anyone is interested in getting copy of the new strip book, i’m happy to mail out to anywhere in the world!  Hey, i’ll even include a little doodle for you!!  Pretty sweet huh?  So, for those interested, send an me an email with the header ‘GIMME COMIX’.  All i require is $1 and shipping (within Canada that’s 2 bucks TOTAL – elsewhere, i’ll have to figure it out on a one on one basis, but it’ll still be cheap!).  So don’t be shy, if you want a comic, send me a message!

New books are here!!!


So, if you follow me on Facebook or Tumblr you might have seen the announcement that i have a new little printed book just in time for TCAF!  Yep, a real life book!  Don’t let the computer screen burn your retinas anymore!!!  So i don’t have a table at TCAF but i’ll be walking around buying stuff and handing my books out to anyone who asks!  I like these better than business cards for when trying to ‘network’ or whatever…

I only printed 100 of the first run, and they are all numbered and signed.  12 new one page comics (i posted a couple of them already, but those ones have been touched up and worked out so they look better).  I should have some left over after this weekend, so if anyone out of town is interested, get in touch and i can send you something in the mail!  For any mail orders they will be $1+shipping.  So talk to me if you are into it!

Send an email to with ‘Gimme Comix!’ in the subject line!

One day in the woods….

one_day_in_the_woodsHere’s a comic i did last year.  It was the fold-out in my (now out of print) Life Without Parole mini comic #2.  I’m currently working on getting something new ready for TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival), which happens to be the weekend of May 10, here in Toronto, so no new strip this week. Most of you haven’t seen this comic, as that only 100 copies of the mini were printed and distributed, so i don’t feel so bad about not having something new for ya.   Anyways, look out for a very short book of strips from me.  I’ll post about it, and do some mail orders if anyone is interested.  The price will most likely be pretty cheap (to cover mailing costs) and they will be pretty limited.  Also, if yer planning on attending TCAF, i will be handing some out, so let’s meet up and ill give you one in person!

Okay, enough rambling, there’s drawings to be done!!!

side note – If yer in the Toronto area and like comics, i strongly recommend going to TCAF…