January 7/15

sbc_jan-7-15We live in a scary world…  Constantly being bombarded by more and more horror on a (what feels like a) minute by minute basis….  Sometimes it feels like too much to take…  Leaves you feeling pretty helpless…  This world is way too fucking serious… Sometimes its just better to turn off the media and sit in silence…  Try it.  Maybe you won’t feel so depressed.

Some People

some-peopleSome people just can’t mind their own damn business….

In other news, I am looking into making a proper website to host these stupid comics.  You know the ones, with the “Next” and “Previous” buttons….  To make it look like a real webcomic, or something like that… I’ll keep the blog for doodles, and illustrations, and the odd comic but i’d like to step up the webcomic aspect a little bit…  I’ll keep you all posted for when that happens..