ink head…

ink_headPlaying around in my sketchbook, trying my hand at slightly different approaches.  I made a giant black blob on the page with a brush and drew a weirdo face with my white-out pen.  I like the results, might try to incorporate this into other stuff…

Dad Fink!

Did I ever tell you that i love Rat Fink?  I seem to have always drawn a lot of different Fink like characters over the years.  Random, drooly monsters hanging from fast cars.  And sometimes I even get asked to make Finks for specific people or things (i have drawn a bunch of these, most of which i don’t have anymore….).  Here is one of those.  It’s my dad, in his 1979 Lincoln Mark V.  Pedal to the metal!

If you would like to hire me draw YOU as a Rat Fink character, send me an email!  I’ll ask that you also send me a couple pictures of yourself, and the vehicle in which you wanna be riding in.  I like to make them as accurate as possible!

Happy Halloweird!!!

Happy Halloween friends!!!  I was just gonna draw some zombies eating people, but in the true spirit of Halloween i wanted to draw something that would make some people uncomfortable!  Isn’t scaring people all a part of this day anyways?  So grab your best ghoul and fall in love all over again on All Hallows Eve!!!

And watch out for razor blades in your apples….. they hurt!!!