January 7/15

sbc_jan-7-15We live in a scary world…  Constantly being bombarded by more and more horror on a (what feels like a) minute by minute basis….  Sometimes it feels like too much to take…  Leaves you feeling pretty helpless…  This world is way too fucking serious… Sometimes its just better to turn off the media and sit in silence…  Try it.  Maybe you won’t feel so depressed.

Sun Pigeon

Hello Toronto Sun…..  this pigeon probably holds more truths than you do…

This was going to be a part of a caption contest, until i realized this picture really only applies to people who live in Toronto.. Well, to my American friends, the Toronto Sun (and Sun Media for that matter) is our equivalent to, say, a lesser extreme of FOX news, and their affiliates…

Ya, exactly, pure rubbish….

Caption contest to come…. i promise!  Soon!