It’s Cold Outside…

Last comic i made of 2017.

Lots of things happening.  Lots of things to do.  Stay tooned!


V is for Chad VanGaalen

chad_vangaalenV is for Chad VanGaalen…

For those who have never heard of Chad, he’s a multi instrument musician, songwriter, instrument builder, producer, (and probably my favourite) animator and illustrator from Calgary, Alberta.  He’s got a couple of handfuls of really good albums which he records himself in his home studio (i believe).  He always seems like he’s got a million projects on the go whether they be for solo projects, or for other bands.  His music videos are super far out and awesome.  His art style is graphically beautiful, dark and disturbing, and weirdly cartoony.  Seriously watch one of his videos; you do not need acid to enjoy them, but it’ll make you feel like yer on it!  And i hear, he’s working on his first feature length animated film for kids!  I’m both super excited and kind of terrified to see what he does!


This illustration was made for the alphabands tumblr site…