NXNE Highlights 2013

nxne_2013Well another North By Northeast wrapped up in Toronto a couple weeks ago, and i decided to draw some of the things i saw.  Originally i was going to do a full report-like break-down of each night, but then i realized that it would be too much of an undertaking….  So here are some highlights from the 4 nights of music i happened to catch.

Band Links:
Elsa  –  Mikal Cronin  –  Shannon & the Clams  –  Psyche Tongues

And if you don’t know about North By Northeast (and are wondering what the hell i’m talking about), it’s a music festival that happens in Toronto every June with over 500 bands playing in tons of different clubs around the city for a week.  You buy a wristband and go show hopping for a week.  Kind of a music lover’s dream…  Check out more here!


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

BRMC is playing in Toronto tonight, and i’m pretty excited!!  To show how excited, here’s some fanart I made around 2005ish?  I was trying to rip off The Beatles ‘Revolver’ cover art, and Black Rebel has a lot of hair.  These days the line-up is a tad different, but i still think the image is cool…

Geriatric Rock City

I just couldn’t resist… Yesterday, KISS played here in Toronto, and i was shocked to see how many people online were excited for it.  The self professed “brand” (that’s right, they call themselves a brand, not a band) is still touring (this time with Mötley Crüe, ughhh….) and still caking on that make-up.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love some old rockers, and will still pay money to see them (Neil Young for example), but KISS has almost always rubbed me the wrong way (I had a brief stint in grade school where i thought they were “all that”). There’s something about people who have to dress up in over the top costumes and make-up to sell their music, that I guess i just don’t get.  I’ve grown up with the understanding that it was about the art, not some shlocky gimmick.  I guess the gimmick is their art, cuz the music doesn’t really do much…..

Either way, i hope everyone had a good time at the show last night (and every time for the next 100 years, cuz i don’t think they will ever stop), and i hope Gene Simmons didn’t slip and break his hip…. although i’m sure that’s coming….

Jesus & Mary Chain Day!!!!

Okay, i don’t know if you can tell, but i’m really excited i’m finally getting to see The Jesus & Mary Chain tonight! My neighbours must hate us cuz we’ve been blaring their music all week, but it’s finally time!!!! Just thought i would make a little doodle for the noise-pop kings. They have inspired me both musically and artistically, and i have found a whole new world of music because of the brothers Reid. And they may be the coolest looking band ever…. besides the Ramones of course.

I officially claim that today is Jesus & Mary Chain day in Toronto!!!! See ya at the show!!!!!!