Broken Pencil’s 20th!

BP20_colourBroken Pencil Magazine turns 20 next month! That’s twenty years of zines, and comics, and so many great things!  You should attend this event and party with them like you were 20 again (presuming you aren’t 20, of course). Oh yeah, and I drew this fancy poster for it.  

Check out the event here.  It’s gonna be a fun night!

Check this out!

Over the weekend i made it on the list of ‘Top Ten Concert Poster Artists in Toronto’ and needless to say i’m flattered!  Among me on the list are some pretty heavy hitters, and it’s a great honour to be a part of this.  Click the link below to read the whole article, and thanks blogTO!

And if you want to see a bunch of posters i’ve done over the years in one easy spot, check out my page

Kickass Annie!

kickassAnnieDoodling last night in my sketchbook, and it got a little out of control!  This is Kickass Annie, or Annie Koyama, and she runs Koyama Press, a great little publisher here in Toronto.  She’s published some of my favourite comics of the past little bit, and turned me onto a lot of great new talent!  We need more people like Annie pushing for the little guy and championing comics, cuz this shit is important!  So thanks Annie for being awesome and inspiring!

Lamb Shank!

lamb-shankWelcome to 2015!  I thought i’d start this year off with a sketchbook drawing that i almost forgot to post…  Drawn a week or two ago, i suppose this is really only funny if you know/remember the kids show ‘Lamb Chop’s Play Along’ from the 90’s….  And i guess i’m an asshole for drawing this..  New year!!!