It’s Cold Outside…

Last comic i made of 2017.

Lots of things happening.  Lots of things to do.  Stay tooned!


Bomb Squad…

bomb_squad_FINALHere’s a page from the new book (released last week).  Just a bunch of silly one pagers photocopied and stapled together like all those zines i used to read as a kid.  There’s something about handmade books….  I love me some perfectly bound, glossy books too (i just bought a slew at TCAF this past weekend) but these things conjure up a different place and time in my life.  Zines and mixtapes, those were a more innocent time.  It’s nice to see that DIY culture and zine culture are making a comeback; more people should be in tune with these things.  But it also makes me feel old and nostalgic for a time when these things were fresh and new to me.  Either way, print is on it’s way out and i plan on holding on until the last minute.  I don’t really enjoy reading things on my computer screen.  I like being able to hold my book in my hands, feel the paper, appreciate the printing, and all the hard work and time that went into making said book.  The importance of that will never die for me.

With having said all that, if anyone is interested in getting copy of the new strip book, i’m happy to mail out to anywhere in the world!  Hey, i’ll even include a little doodle for you!!  Pretty sweet huh?  So, for those interested, send an me an email with the header ‘GIMME COMIX’.  All i require is $1 and shipping (within Canada that’s 2 bucks TOTAL – elsewhere, i’ll have to figure it out on a one on one basis, but it’ll still be cheap!).  So don’t be shy, if you want a comic, send me a message!