It’s Cold Outside…

Last comic i made of 2017.

Lots of things happening.  Lots of things to do.  Stay tooned!


Read More Comix #3 OUT NOW!


Read More Comix #3 is out!  Well, it’s been out since May, but I haven’t updated this blog in a bit…. so here it is now!  New comics by James Spencer, David Craig and me!

36 pages, full colour, $7.  
If you are interested in buying a copy, either head on over to, or you can shoot me an email at for orders.  Also, if you are in Toronto: The Beguiling, the TCAF shop ‘Page & Panel’, and the Dupe Shop all carry all your Read More Comix needs!

Read More Comix!

I know I’ve mentioned it here a bit, but if yer not already, you should follow our new comix collective!  We have a Twitter @readmorecomix and a Tumblr page Just four dudes, posting a new comic each, a week. That’s right, four new pages weekly!  So if yer into new, cool comix, then come follow us! And if yer not into that kinda stuff… Well… I dunno what to tell ya..