Read More Comix #3 OUT NOW!


Read More Comix #3 is out!  Well, it’s been out since May, but I haven’t updated this blog in a bit…. so here it is now!  New comics by James Spencer, David Craig and me!

36 pages, full colour, $7.  
If you are interested in buying a copy, either head on over to, or you can shoot me an email at for orders.  Also, if you are in Toronto: The Beguiling, the TCAF shop ‘Page & Panel’, and the Dupe Shop all carry all your Read More Comix needs!

Collecting into the Future…

collectingHere’s a comic i did last year that was the back cover of Static Zine issue 7.  The theme was about the future, so i thought of what would happen if i kept up my collecting habits…  I’ll probably run out of money before turning into this guy, but ya know, anything is possible…

Look closely, and you may be able to pick out some cool records and books i tried to include!  Details!

If you would like to see more of what Static Zine does, or wanna contribute, check em out here—>