Art Show This Weekend!!!!

Hello there!  No new drawing today, as that I am swamped with things at the moment, but I wanted to let you all know about a show I’m a part of!

For those in Toronto this weekend, come down to the new home of the Creatures Creating gallery.  There’s gonna be a big show there tomorrow (Saturday, November 3rd/12), with lots of art and music to boot!  So come check it out!  The address is 822 Dundas st. West (that’s just west of Bathurst) and the doors will open at 7pm.  The event is free in the hopes that people will come out to buy merch and art to support all the awesome artists.

I’ll be launching my new short comic book “Life’s Too Short…” which i’ll be selling for $3!  I’ll also be hanging some drawings (many of which have been featured on this blog) in large format on the walls.  Anyone interested in purchasing one of those just has to ask, as that I am at the printer on a regular basis, and they look pretty awesome i might add.  And as always, I’ll have t-shirts (both the ‘people’ one and freshly pressed zombie shirts) for sale too!

So come out and support the local starving artist community!!!

Here’s the Facebook invite, if you don’t believe me!

note – i did not make this awesome looking poster….

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Ahoy maties!

I know the posts have been slowing down as of recent, and i just wanted to apologize for that…  Be sure that i am still drawing as always, just seems that things are piling up.  Between a few on the go projects, making new works for an art show in November, and my house being renovated, it’s going to be tricky to keep up to date with what you’ve come to expect from my blog.  But i will still post as i can, or when i have a doodle, or something to say.  And as soon as things die down around here, I’ll be back with a vengeance!

So please bear with me, cuz i love you all!

Let There Be Art 3

Hey there!  So i  am part of an art show this week, one night only, downtown Toronto.  The show is at ‘Creatures Creating Gallery’ (627 Queen st. West) on Friday, April 13 – spooky!  8pm.

You can check out the facebook invite here –>

It is a two night affair but at different venues each night, so make sure you plan it right!

I will be showing a few new drawings i have been working on, including ‘Psych Bike’ you see here, as well as launching my new t-shirt!!! $16 a shirt, cheap!

I can’t wait, as that these shows are always a lot of fun with all kinds of awesome artists and bands to boot!!!

So come support some local art!

i have another show next week, but i’ll save that for another post.  Stay tooned!!!