Happy Record Store Day!!!!

Who’s Excited?!?!?!?!

Ya Ya Record Store Day!!!  Go out and support your local stores!  There’s great stuff to pick up, bands to check out and deals to score!!  What better excuse could there be to buy records!!!

If you’ve never heard of Record Store Day, or need a list of participating stores in your area check out the official website!


See ya in the bins!

illustration – pen & ink, 2012

New Shirt Design!!!

So, here it is.  The new shirt design!  I’m pretty proud of it.  I haven’t spent this much time on one piece in a while now.  Somewhat inspired by my friends at Dog Is Blue while i watched Paul animate the new video for their song ‘People’, and also inspired by my obsession with small details.  I almost went blind drawing this one… maybe i need a magnifying glass….

Small, medium, large and XL (mens/unisex… sorry, no womens, but the shirts fit everyone quite nicely!)  will all be available tomorrow at the ‘Let There Be Art 3’ show at Creatures Creating Gallery (627 Queen St. West), and i’ll be selling them outta my backpack, so if yer there and want one, please come talk to me!  $16 cheap!!!

Printed by Dan Allen at No Demographics (if you have shirts to be made, get in touch! his work is great!


Image and printing 2012

T-Shirt Design #1

So this is the first of what i hope to be many t-shirt designs.  A parody of the classic ‘Night of the Living Dead’ with the caption “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will Rock The Earth

Image design 2010

T-Shirt printed 2012

Stay tuned for more!!!!!