Sandwich Shirt

sky3As i am going through some of the work i have been doing, I realize there are a lot of things i have yet to post on this here blog.  If you have been following my blog for a while, or know me in general, you’d know how much i love sandwiches from Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Co.,  the friendliest place to eat in Toronto (in my humble opinion)!  So when they asked me to design a new shirt for them, i was thrilled!  I submitted a bunch of different designs, but the one everyone gravitated towards was ‘The Anatomy of a Sandwich’.  Pictured above and below, is the ELT, the most loaded sandwich on the menu. I tried to keep it as real to the menu as i could, and i really like how the final prints turned out!  Thanks so much to Chad, and the whole SBS crew for letting me design the shirt, and always making me feel so welcome in their little shop.  And also, thanks to Dan at No Demographic for printing the shirts as always (Go buy stuff from him!).

I highly recommend you go to Sky Blue Sky and grab a sandwich.  And hey, maybe grab a shirt too!!!

sky1Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Co. is located at 605 Bloor St W  in Toronto.


Art Show This Weekend!!!!

Hello there!  No new drawing today, as that I am swamped with things at the moment, but I wanted to let you all know about a show I’m a part of!

For those in Toronto this weekend, come down to the new home of the Creatures Creating gallery.  There’s gonna be a big show there tomorrow (Saturday, November 3rd/12), with lots of art and music to boot!  So come check it out!  The address is 822 Dundas st. West (that’s just west of Bathurst) and the doors will open at 7pm.  The event is free in the hopes that people will come out to buy merch and art to support all the awesome artists.

I’ll be launching my new short comic book “Life’s Too Short…” which i’ll be selling for $3!  I’ll also be hanging some drawings (many of which have been featured on this blog) in large format on the walls.  Anyone interested in purchasing one of those just has to ask, as that I am at the printer on a regular basis, and they look pretty awesome i might add.  And as always, I’ll have t-shirts (both the ‘people’ one and freshly pressed zombie shirts) for sale too!

So come out and support the local starving artist community!!!

Here’s the Facebook invite, if you don’t believe me!

note – i did not make this awesome looking poster….

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Hi friends!  Didya miss me??  I missed you!!!!  Glad to be putting up a new post!  Sorry for the delay since the last post.  Rest assured I have been hard at work!  It has been a busy month, but I think worthwhile, with some cool new stuff to show!First off, I have assembled a new comic book!  It’s totally short and small, but good things don’t have to come in big packages!  Just a collection of some odds and ends pages I had drawn for no particular reason (front cover pictured above).  They needed a home, and I was happy to give them one in ‘Life’s Too Short…’  In the midst of printing them now, and they will be ready for the art show I am a part of next week!  Prices to follow (once i figure out how much they will cost to make), and I’m happy to mail to wherever!

Next, I am part of an art show happening in Toronto next week!  It’s a mash up of music and art to the extreme!  Bands, heavy and quite will be rocking 2(?) floors while local artists are invited to put up their work in a non-pretentious art space (rare!).  I am a featured artist for the event, but anyone with work can show up and hang some stuff (Space is limited to a first come, first serve basis).  ‘Art is Doomed!’ is what the event is called, and I am really looking forward to it.  I’ll be selling the new comic, as well as my t-shirts (zombie shirts have been reprinted), and hanging some random pages from the new comic as large scale prints.  I’m also going to be hanging a couple of these blog posts as large scale prints.  Come on out to the event (if yer in Toronto, or surrounding areas), and let’s party!

Here is the event page on Facebook:

And lastly, I have also been working on a new t-shirt design, but it’s not what you think!  My favourite sandwich shop in this city commissioned me to design their next shirt.  We are all really big fans of each other, so it was kind of an honour when they asked me to do it!  Were just working through the fine details now, but look out for the new Sky Blue Sky Sandwich shirt coming soon!  They are gonna look radicool!  I’ll do a post for them when they launch.

Okay guys!  Now that you know i’m not dead, I think it’s time to start drawing!  See ya all real soon!!!!!

Sorry… But we are experiencing technical difficulties…

Ahoy maties!

I know the posts have been slowing down as of recent, and i just wanted to apologize for that…  Be sure that i am still drawing as always, just seems that things are piling up.  Between a few on the go projects, making new works for an art show in November, and my house being renovated, it’s going to be tricky to keep up to date with what you’ve come to expect from my blog.  But i will still post as i can, or when i have a doodle, or something to say.  And as soon as things die down around here, I’ll be back with a vengeance!

So please bear with me, cuz i love you all!


Who doesn’t like skeletons?  I find myself doodling skulls and bones all the time, so when i found a blank Kidrobot vinyl toy I knew exactly what i was gonna do with it.  (Years ago i also painted up a Troll doll to look like a skeleton, but if i still had photos of that, or the other Frankenstein dolls i made in my youth, that could be for another post…. but i don’t, so use your imagination!)

I painted this a few years back with spray paint and paint pens.  Was really just trying to make a toy that I liked!

I don’t think i’m ever growing up…..

Happy Record Store Day!!!!

Who’s Excited?!?!?!?!

Ya Ya Record Store Day!!!  Go out and support your local stores!  There’s great stuff to pick up, bands to check out and deals to score!!  What better excuse could there be to buy records!!!

If you’ve never heard of Record Store Day, or need a list of participating stores in your area check out the official website!

See ya in the bins!

illustration – pen & ink, 2012

New Shirt Design!!!

So, here it is.  The new shirt design!  I’m pretty proud of it.  I haven’t spent this much time on one piece in a while now.  Somewhat inspired by my friends at Dog Is Blue while i watched Paul animate the new video for their song ‘People’, and also inspired by my obsession with small details.  I almost went blind drawing this one… maybe i need a magnifying glass….

Small, medium, large and XL (mens/unisex… sorry, no womens, but the shirts fit everyone quite nicely!)  will all be available tomorrow at the ‘Let There Be Art 3’ show at Creatures Creating Gallery (627 Queen St. West), and i’ll be selling them outta my backpack, so if yer there and want one, please come talk to me!  $16 cheap!!!

Printed by Dan Allen at No Demographics (if you have shirts to be made, get in touch! his work is great!

Image and printing 2012