My Computer…

my_computerWell, here’s round two of my computer comix!  Sloppy as ever, but classic Robb too.  Dunno about these colour choices, but i’m colourblind, so don’t linch me yet!  I’m digging drawing with a computer, but i need a lot of practice still.  I bought the ‘industry standard’ program for making comics on the computer, so once i figure out how to use it, maybe this’ll get easier.  Right now I’m kind of missing drawing on paper though, so maybe i should take some time and do that……


Angriest Bird Comix…

angriest_bird1Well, here’s my first legitimate attempt at drawing comics on the computer… Yeah, it may be way rougher than drawing with paper, and there’s still lots to get a handle of, but this is proving to be a fun exercise.  I like all the added options i get with the computer, like the use of colour!  I may as well make good use of this fancy computer and drawing tablet i have, right?  I may still be computer stupid (is that a term?) but at least I’m trying to embrace the future…. even if I’m the last one to the game….


I was working on this poster for a friend this week and thought i would share.  Click the images to make them big and glorious!  There are three colour options; mainly because i like variety, i’m pretty colourblind, and i’m extremely indecisive at times..  Which do you think works the best?

If yer in the Toronto area, you may wanna check out this hilarious show happening at the end of the month.  Side splitting humour at a reasonable price?  How could you go wrong?!?!

Always waiting in line….

Sure do love going to shows!!!!  Not always the most fun waiting in line…. but i love checking out the oddballs (myself included).

Inspired by going to too many shows, and waiting in too many lines…

This is part of some upcoming comic strips called “Musical Squares”.  Stay tuned for more!!!

pen and ink on paper, computer colouring