January 27/15

sbc_jan-27-15Ah shit… Becoming self aware might not always be the best thing….  And this comic is blowing the lid off my process (and my laziness..) for these pages.  Good thing it’s the last page…  Where would we go from here anyways?

It’s been a lot of fun drawing and posting these pages over the past few months.  This was a really great exercise for me to just draw pages without worrying what the outcome would look or sound like.  A truly freeing experience!  But i feel i need to move onto something else; a little more thought, maybe a little more refined… use a pencil dammit!  Hope you enjoyed the journey!

Something new soon!

January 25/15

sbc_jan-25-15Every day is the same.  Every day is the same.  Every day is the same.

That’s the thing about real life; things don’t always happen.  There’s not always a clear cut conclusion.  Things just keep rolling by, sometimes they change, often they don’t.  We are just here to live in the time and soak in what we can.  So let’s not get so stressed out over things we can’t change, and try to enjoy what we have (i need to remember this too).

Ramble over…

January 21/15

sbc_jan-21-15This is kinda how i felt the whole time making these comics.  Winging it, and hoping for the best.  Luckily, i was pleasantly surprised more often than not, but that is not often the case….  Making these comics was a freeing experience and i’m really happy with how they came out.  I still consider them an exercise though, and won’t get all hung up on whether something is funny, or reads properly, or even makes any sense at all.  Only a couple pages left, and then onto something else?…

In other news, i just finished my new (print) mini comic and that’ll be ready for TCAF.  I don’t have a table, but come find me and chat me up and i’ll hook you up with one!  Maybe i’ll post it here too…  Not sure yet…

January 7/15

sbc_jan-7-15We live in a scary world…  Constantly being bombarded by more and more horror on a (what feels like a) minute by minute basis….  Sometimes it feels like too much to take…  Leaves you feeling pretty helpless…  This world is way too fucking serious… Sometimes its just better to turn off the media and sit in silence…  Try it.  Maybe you won’t feel so depressed.

January 4/15


Goddamn pigeons…  Gutter birds…

Thanks for sticking with this comic folks.  We finally made it into the new year!  This also means that we are drawing closer and closer to the end of these pages…  Sad, i know, but it’s about time we move onto something else.  For those who are really digging this series, i will hopefully be compiling a bunch of these pages into one print comic.  It won’t be all of these pages (by a long shot), but it’ll be out sometime in the fall as long as things keep on track.  In the meantime, there’s still some pages to go, and many more other comics and posters to be drawn and posted.  Come follow me on Instagram for a lot of other drawings; sketchbook doodles and whatnot @ mirsktoons

Love you guys, thanks for being an audience for my stupid drawings!