Door To Floor

Door-to-FloorThis comic was made for the ‘Life’s Too Short’ comic i put out last November.  I don’t usually use fades or any real effects, so this one was  a little tricky to put together at first.  But the themes are all the same…. STUPID!

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So the other day i was walking down the street and happened beside a dead squirrel…. It was sad…. and very dead…  And of course i thought it was funny, if it was just sleeping in the middle of the street.  Ya know, like sleeping off a hangover or something… a gutter squirrel…  Gets up and shocks a whole bunch of people….  Anyways, my own stupidity makes me laugh and i had to draw this…   Sorry, AND your welcome….  Someone’s gotta think this crap….

There’s an App for that…

Bad taste, bad jokes and poorly drawn… It must be a Monday…  A shining example of a joke that seems hilarious to you until you see it actualized…  Although… Taking the piss out of Apple and smartphones is a lot of fun.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything… So there…

Blood / Alcohol

I suppose this comic shows the lighter side of alcoholism, and how it can be used against vampires..  Not that i’m promoting alcoholism or anything…

Actually, i just wanted to play around with my new pen brush i treated myself to…  Hope you like!!!

Welcome back to school!!!

Welcome back to school!!!  The thought of a new year holds so much promise for things to come!  And it really only takes a few words to shatter all that excitement and turn it into a terrifying reality…  So good luck out there friends and just think, it’ll be over in only 8 to 10 months!

Smartphones make people dumb…

We have become a nation so obsessed with technology, and our phones specifically, that i am convinced that it will become our downfall (see above….)  Walking down the street, no one looks up anymore…. Either we are texting, Facebooking, tweeting, or listening to music.  Either way, don’t expect any sort of acknowledgement from anyone anymore.  Our phones hold everything in them.  Why have a real conversation when you can text someone instead (to be fair, i can be guilty of this stuff too sometimes).  At least you don’t have to have that awkward face to face interaction anymore.  I think it’s getting to a point where we may forget how to interact with each other all together if not for our computers and phones… And what about learning? And retaining information?  We don’t really need to do any of that anymore cuz you can just Google what you need to know right from your pocket.

Close down the libraries, and burn your old encyclopedias, because in this day and age, they are worthless……

Sad huh?….

Life in the Big City!

Here’s a strip i did a while back… Wow, five years flies fast apparently… Anyways, wanted to post it because many of you have never seen it.  Also wanted to post it cuz i have been working on more stories with Toody.  I always liked the constantly positive character stuck in shitty situations, and how they annoy everyone around them cuz they keep putting positive spins on everything.

Don’t ya just wanna punch that guy?!