Door To Floor

Door-to-FloorThis comic was made for the ‘Life’s Too Short’ comic i put out last November.  I don’t usually use fades or any real effects, so this one was  a little tricky to put together at first.  But the themes are all the same…. STUPID!

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So the other day i was walking down the street and happened beside a dead squirrel…. It was sad…. and very dead…  And of course i thought it was funny, if it was just sleeping in the middle of the street.  Ya know, like sleeping off a hangover or something… a gutter squirrel…  Gets up and shocks a whole bunch of people….  Anyways, my own stupidity makes me laugh and i had to draw this…   Sorry, AND your welcome….  Someone’s gotta think this crap….

There’s an App for that…

Bad taste, bad jokes and poorly drawn… It must be a Monday…  A shining example of a joke that seems hilarious to you until you see it actualized…  Although… Taking the piss out of Apple and smartphones is a lot of fun.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything… So there…

Blood / Alcohol

I suppose this comic shows the lighter side of alcoholism, and how it can be used against vampires..  Not that i’m promoting alcoholism or anything…

Actually, i just wanted to play around with my new pen brush i treated myself to…  Hope you like!!!