Why Do You Draw Comics?


Thought i would share a comic i made for the 20th Anniversary Comic Jam book.  Also appearing in said book is a nice little article write up on our comics crew ‘Read More Comix’ by Peter Sanfilippo.  I figured most people won’t get their hands on the book, so why not share a comic from it?  Sharing is caring after all!

Prehistoric Funnies


It occurred to me that this here blog has gotta so clogged up with show posters (nothing wrong with that, of course!), that some folks might forget that i also make comics.  Well, i almost forgot too, but i scribbled this one down in my sketchbook the other day.  So, mind the scratchy, rough drawings (i didn’t use a pencil..) and the clunky colours (i don’t know how to scan markers properly) and enjoy something i find myself not the worst at- making dumb jokes!

The Toronto Comic Jam Turns 20!

20yearparty_flatSave the date, and come have a few with us!  Long running Comic Jam here in Toronto is getting older than some of it’s members (well, maybe a couple – bring ID!) and i made a little comic to promote and celebrate it!  Oh, and apparently that “Live Interview” segment will be with, among others, an interview with Read More Comix!….  So, come watch things get awkward, and sloppy!

Take Me Out…

take-me-outDon’t you just love going to a baseball game and having the asshole behind you scream and complain the whole time?  As if they could really do better than the professionals out there?  It’s unfortunate, but it’s also a reality of the game.  Also a reality of the game is fly balls, so keep your eye on them and your mouth in check or you might be dealt some sweet home run justice.

TCAF: I Love You

tcaf01tcaf02tcaf03tcaf04tcaf05tcaf06Here’s a little round up of my TCAF 2016.  If you don’t know this about me, TCAF is like Christmas.  It’s the best time of year because its really great to see others getting as excited over comics as i am.  You can smell the comics in the air!  I wish it was longer, and i wish it didn’t blow by so fast, but there’s always next year….