The April Fool

april_foolFULLHere’s a tour poster for my good friend Garbageface.  We went on tour together in the summer of 2011, and had a blast!  I love this guy and his art.  If you are close to any of these cities, you should check out his live show.  Guaranteed good times.  Tell ’em yr pal Robb sent ya!

November 30/14

sbc_nov-30-14I know some people like to boast that vinyl is a reemerging fad, and that we won’t care again in like 5 minutes, but some of us never stopped collecting and playing records.  It’s quite possibly a mainstream fad, but when the general public gets over their new found love for the format, the rest of us will continue to search through bins for the good stuff.  I have upwards of 6oo+ CDs at my house, and if you wanna talk about a shitty format that won’t last through time nearly as well…….

And yes, were seeing a uprising of the cassette tape….  But that’s something for another post….

Anyways, this comic marks the last day of the #30dayscomics challenge that i was a part of last November.  Draw a comic a day; simple enough and a great excuse to make some pages.  I still have a few pages to go with this strip, so keep coming back for more!  And whatever is to come next!

November 14/14

sbc_nov-14-14Our “hero” finally made it inside.  Now were gonna find out if waiting in that line is gonna be worth it…  Stay tuned tomorrow for the “thrilling” conclusion…… boy, i use a lot of quotations….

November 13/14

sbc_nov-13-14A new year means— we keep posting last year’s comics……  And this week we find ourselves going to a show!  But it seems we may be more outta the loop than we thought…..  Old man hilarity will ensue!!!

Oh, and this is a three parter, so expect more show comics for the rest of the week!

Radiozine submission

generationsA  little while back now, there was an open call for submissions to a zine.  The theme was radio, and you could do whatever you wanted.  This is what i came up with.  I guess this takes place back in the 90’s or something.  I thought about it, and if this was today, the kid would have an iPod for a head?  I guess… but thats not very radio…. so i went back to a time when i remembered the radio actually mattering…..

Hope you like!!!