Life Without Parole


Long time no post!

Well I’m happy to report that i have a new collection of comics coming out this spring!  It will be ready for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival or TCAF this May, and I’m really excited to share it with you!  Here’s a little write up:

“Life Without Parole is a collection of comics by illustrator/artist Robb Mirsky. Cumulated from annuals of his out-of-print mini comics, random sketchbook imaginings and comics published elsewhere, Mirsky’s collection makes its debut at TCAF 2018!

The subject matter ranges from bank robberies to baseball games; from dogs with jobs to lemons with attitude. This 76 page riot is sure to have you laughing and cringing, giggling and hollerin’ (often at the same time)!

The book is also one of four new releases from the Read More Comix gang coming this May!”

76 pages

So, I’ll see you at TCAF?!

Prehistoric Funnies


It occurred to me that this here blog has gotta so clogged up with show posters (nothing wrong with that, of course!), that some folks might forget that i also make comics.  Well, i almost forgot too, but i scribbled this one down in my sketchbook the other day.  So, mind the scratchy, rough drawings (i didn’t use a pencil..) and the clunky colours (i don’t know how to scan markers properly) and enjoy something i find myself not the worst at- making dumb jokes!

Take Me Out…

take-me-outDon’t you just love going to a baseball game and having the asshole behind you scream and complain the whole time?  As if they could really do better than the professionals out there?  It’s unfortunate, but it’s also a reality of the game.  Also a reality of the game is fly balls, so keep your eye on them and your mouth in check or you might be dealt some sweet home run justice.

A New Day…

changei woke up this morning to a new (hopefully better) government, so here’s to feeling optimistic.

But also on the weekend, i saw my first sighting of snow…  so…. pessimism will prevail…

Change is in the air people!

On another note, this past weekend i tabled my first Canzine and had a goddamn blast!  Sold lots of comics and stuff.   Met lots of really cool people.  Won the Zine Race.  Chester Brown told me he liked my Canzine poster.  A really great day all in all.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the comics and zine scene here in Toronto.  It really means a lot to not only me, but all the other makers struggling to get a sliver of your attention.

And on the last note, i’ve started a comix club with a couple of my maker friends.  We haven’t really fleshed anything out yet, but you can expect weekly comics again from yours truly (if you miss posting a week, you owe a round of beers).  Also, weekly postings from the rest of the crew:  Andy Harris, James Spencer and David Craig.
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