Why Do You Draw Comics?


Thought i would share a comic i made for the 20th Anniversary Comic Jam book.  Also appearing in said book is a nice little article write up on our comics crew ‘Read More Comix’ by Peter Sanfilippo.  I figured most people won’t get their hands on the book, so why not share a comic from it?  Sharing is caring after all!


30days_21And with that, November comics are done!  A final count of 22 strips were made in this month.  Maybe not my actual goal, but i’d say pretty damn productive regardless.  I’m gonna keep up with these “stories” (if you can call it that), and i’ll still try to post more than one comic a week, but this is busy season for so many reasons, and if i don’t give you more than one page a week, i’m sorry.  Anyways, stay tuned for more of whatever the hell is gonna happen next….

Oh, by the way, can you tell I’m writing these comics as i go?

November 18/15

30days_18Day 18

And with that i had to end 30 days of comics…  Deadlines for projects are now piling up (as per usual for the time of year) and i can’t ignore them anymore!  It was a really fun exercise and i do really like the comics i made for it, but spending a couple hours each night to make these instead of other paid gigs is probably not the most professional.  I plan on keeping up these dog comics, and will probably collect them into a print book at some point called, “Career Dog”.  So, stay tooned for more, maybe just not at break-neck speed.  And with that, i have to get back to the drawing board!