Goodbye Mirvish Village…

goodbye_mirvishA little ode to one of my favourite neighbourhoods here in Toronto, getting ready to be destroyed for new condos, and “progress”.  After this week, any business in Mirvish Village will cease to exist.  It’s sad that such an iconic neighbourhood has to go, but this is happening all over the city.  Paving over old, iconic parts of the city in favour of big box condos, and corporate businesses seems to be the norm these days.  In about ten years, you probably won’t even recognize Toronto as it stands now.  And as the city becomes increasingly overpriced and harder to make ends meet in, shops like the ones in Mirvish Village will have a  hard time existing.
We had a really good time while it lasted..

Please note: this comic doesn’t cover most of Mirvish Village, just the places i spent most of my time while there.

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