A Tribute To The Ramones…

ramones_tributeOver the weekend the last remaining member of the original line up of The Ramones past away.  Tommy Ramone was the first drummer and their early producer.  Their sound was largely due to him.  I had to pay a little tribute, after all, The Ramones may very well be the most important band in my life.  They opened the doors to punk rock and inspired pretty much everyone who came after them.  Their songs are timeless pop gems that could only be made by them.  I would have never stuck to playing guitar if it wasn’t for them.  They couldn’t play when they started.  They gave hope to people who just wanted to do something but didn’t necessarily know how.  They are true originators of punk music, but they made it sound like bubblegum pop that somehow went horribly wrong.

Now that they have all passed (sorry Marky and CJ, we love you too!) i can’t help but think that maybe they are all jamming up in the sky together…  Johnny and Joey didn’t really get along, but time (or death) heals all wounds?  So this one is for the four “brothers” from Queens wrapped in leather.  We love you and miss you…

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