Y is for Neil Young

neil_youngY is for Neil Young….

Okay, so this may be the most obvious music post I’ve done.  You may say it’s cliche, or whatever you wanna say.  I could have dug deeper for someone who we know less about.  I’m sure there are lots of musicians and bands that start with “Y”, but after thinking about it, i just said fuck it!  Neil is easily one of the most influential music figures around, at least in my life.  I have spent so much time listening to and debating this man.  Stylistically, i pretty much learned how to play guitar from obsessing over him (not that I’m anywhere near his talent).  He has had a profound affect on me.  I’m Canadian after all (and most of our mega stars are a joke – Bieber, Nickelback, the list of bad musicians goes on….), I’m supposed to be this way.  So quit beating around the bush.  He’s the man, deal with it…

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