Sandwich Shirt

sky3As i am going through some of the work i have been doing, I realize there are a lot of things i have yet to post on this here blog.  If you have been following my blog for a while, or know me in general, you’d know how much i love sandwiches from Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Co.,  the friendliest place to eat in Toronto (in my humble opinion)!  So when they asked me to design a new shirt for them, i was thrilled!  I submitted a bunch of different designs, but the one everyone gravitated towards was ‘The Anatomy of a Sandwich’.  Pictured above and below, is the ELT, the most loaded sandwich on the menu. I tried to keep it as real to the menu as i could, and i really like how the final prints turned out!  Thanks so much to Chad, and the whole SBS crew for letting me design the shirt, and always making me feel so welcome in their little shop.  And also, thanks to Dan at No Demographic for printing the shirts as always (Go buy stuff from him!).

I highly recommend you go to Sky Blue Sky and grab a sandwich.  And hey, maybe grab a shirt too!!!

sky1Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Co. is located at 605 Bloor St W  in Toronto.


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